Cheap Fishing Lures

Should you or should you not. That is the question?

What are Cheap Fishing Lures ?

When you hear the word cheap you think of price or quality ? What comes to my mind is the price. Not sure about you. Any hobby can be very expensive and this one makes no exception. Just your tackle box is probably worth a few hundreds of dollars when you think of it. I have not even talked about the rest; fishing rod, reel, line, net, boat, etc. You get what I mean.

But it also means quality.

The quality of the lure is often very important. Does the lure fall apart after a few casts? Are the hooks of good quality? Is the action of the lure in the water what it should be? Those are important questions you have to ask yourself before you think of purchasing.

Why would you purchase them ?

I think it is obvious here. You need to save some money. I think we all agree here. It might be because it makes sense. Depending on what you fish for. Sometimes the fish doesn’t care. I think, in this case, of territorial fish like bass. I love to fish this one and, if you have fished them before, you know what I mean. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you throw at them. As long as it looks like a frog, a worm or a minnow, they will bite. If it is in front of them, they will bite. If it’s in their territory, they will bite. So why spend big box on the lure.

On the other hand some fish are very picky. If the lure is not a perfect replica of a minnow, for example, they know and won’t even look at it. When I’m fishing for trout, I try to use some of my best lures and also my best hooks. They are very picky.

There is one type of fishing I will never recommend going cheap on the lures. They are actually not lures but you will know what I mean. If, you are a fly fisherman you will understand.

I don’t recommend buying cheap flies. I tried it, when I first started, because they are expensive and they just don’t work. They come apart after one or two casts and your done. You will spend all your time changing flies. Not fun.

Where should you buy them ?

Flea market in your area is a great place to start.

I’m lucky enough to have two of them in my area. I try to go a few times a year. Sometimes a get great deals on lures that I use quite often in my season. Bass plastics worms and some lures for walleye. Sometimes, although, they are not worth it. They are not in good condition. If, they have not been preserved properly be careful. I just won’t buy them if my gut tells me not to.

Trade shows is my second favorite place to go.

Not because you buy poor quality. Mainly because you can get great deals on lures that a particular brand wants to promote or wants to get rid of.  Last year over stock.

They usually are at the end of the winter. Before the new fishing season. We all wait for that time to arrive after a long winter.

Online classified.

If, you are like me, you’re always looking for deals in classified adds. I don’t know were you live. But in my area we have great ones like, Kijiji or Facebook marketplace. I’m always on the look out for cheap fishing lures on those sites.

Wish and other similar discounted sites

To tell you the truth. I have not bought fishing stuff from them yet. I intend to soon. I do see a lot of great deals popping out all over the place. Make sure you don’t need the item right away. It usually takes four to six weeks for shipping. On the other hand sometimes the item arrives much earlier than expected, just don’t count on that most of the time.

Trusted website

There are many of them on the web. Make sure you do your research before you buy from them. Don’t just go for the first one that comes up on Google. Many of them are great and trust worthy. Some, well, you know what I mean. I tend to go often back to the good old Amazon. I have a prime membership and because I order so much stuff from them. I save a lot on shipping. It’s just me.

Should you or should you not. That is the question.

Yes, that is the question you need to answer. It doesn’t matter what you do. As long as you do it for a good reason. Keep in mind, it might workout for you or you might get burn.

Just like anything else, do your research first, and you will, most of the time, be rewarded.

I would love to hear from your experiences with cheap fishing lures.

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